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  1. Bigdjim well since I’m bigger than him I can’t be insecure. But funny how my post was close to the end and you read through all these comments.

  2. Just wanted to say: Thank You. Thank you for making these amazing videos, there’s so much post orgasm torture that involves dudes exclusively, but I haven’t been able to find any solid videos with femal post orgasm torture. I was ecstatic to say the least when I found your channel, and this video.

  3. my friend’s mom looks kinda like this, everytime I go to his house I get a boner, should I try something?

  4. wonder if she actually came or not? thats what’s hard about fucking a porn star lol wouldn’t be able to tell if she’s real or faking

  5. Look how flawless her skin is ?? Beauty tip #1 for the Girlies out there. More Cock-Sucking and Jizz Guzzling is required for youthful flawless skin LOL

  6. u have a very beautiful and sexiest woman that i ever seen,please keep her nicely, im such a big fans of you mia ^_^

  7. Hahaha too much lube. Unless she’s super turned on she’s getting stabbed in the cervix if he puts that whole thing in. I’ve only got 8 inches but it know from experience that’s more than enough to really slam a girl who isn’t quite ready. Be careful, bro.

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